2020 on-site conference schedule

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

1st Afternoon Mini Sessions

Know or Don’t Know; There is No Guess

Date: 10/13/2020 1:30-3:05 p.m.
History: New
Experience: All (All levels of experience)
Advanced Preparation: None
Field of Study: Business Management and Organization
Applicable Audience: CEO/Executive Director
CSBG/Org Standard
Finance Staff
HR Director
HR Staff
IT Director
Board Member
Head Start
Type: Mini
Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
CPE Credits: 1.5
Brian Gaumont
Deron Kling
Senior Manager
Learning Objectives:
1. Develop a list of targeted accomplishments for each of your strategies for a 12-month period.
2. Understand how to create 90-day implementation plans for each first-year accomplishment, including establishment of performance measures/key performance indicators and budgets.
3. Establish a cadence for quarterly evaluation and planning to monitor progress, assess budgets, and redeploy resources.
Session Description:
Honest evaluation is critical to your agency's success. Whether it through use of ROMA or a comparable evaluation system, our strategies have to be measurable. But in this time of constant change, our agencies must be more agile than ever. We have to respond to community needs, as well as shifts in requirements or funding. To do that, we need ways of determining our progress on goals at any given time. Join this session to learn about the creation of milestones and lead measures, as well as a cadence for evaluation to gain an understanding of what is working, what isn't, and where time and resources should be allocated or reallocated.