What's Happening at #WipfliConf?

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Nov 02
Need a conference w/info to help impact your mission? Look no further than our Annual Winter Conf. https://t.co/4BiCJBUrOD #WipfliConf
Oct 26
Register now to take advantage of the early-bird registration rate for our Annual Winter Training Conf. https://t.co/4BiCJBUrOD #WipfliConf
Oct 16
Our 5th Annual Winter Training Conf (https://t.co/4BiCJCc2Gb) has something for everyone! Topics incl. tech, risk, & tax. #WipfliConf
Oct 13
Join us at our Winter Training Conference for ways to serve your community even better. https://t.co/4BiCJCc2Gb #WipfliConf #Conference
Brent Black
Jul 14
All of our FTE's & PTE's need a PDP before the end of the FY, so they don't have to do a PIP. #wipfliconf
Michael David Adams
Jul 14
Thank you for a week filled with excellent training. I leave with a mind full of ideas and a full TODO list. #wipfliconf
Keith Bruck
Jul 13
Uniform guidance updates with Denes. Always a great speaker and source of information. #wipfliconf @Wipfli_LLP https://t.co/EFHuBZbPPQ
Brent Black
Jul 13
Every generation is a pioneer in their industry. #wipfliconf